Sailing in Sri Lanka… The latest Tourist attraction for the Miracle of Asia?

Sailing is known to be one of the best ways to see the unseen beauty and mysteries of the ocean. Around the globe, famous sailing cruises have attracted many tourists to watch the wonders of Mother Nature such as in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Grand Cayman Islands, etc.

blog01aIn Sri Lanka we see that a new organization is chartering sailing boats to tourists around the island. They have a pretty interesting story about the start of their organization. They cover locations such as Mirissa and Pasikuda, Trincomalee and also guarantees that most of the locations which they take to are picturesque, virgin and untouched. The team goes by the name Sail-Lanka, and offers boats even with lodging facilities. For example,blog01b during your next vacation why not go to either Mirissa, Pasikuda or Trinco, get on one of these boats and spend a night on it with food and cozy accommodation??? A jump in to the clear ocean? A romantic proposal on the boat?? These people have gear and equipment for other cool activities such as fishing, snorkelling and canoeing. We can recommend that these people are ready to support you on all your requirements.

But keep in mind that they only operate on the Southern and Eastern coasts of Sri Lanka during particular seasons, as April to September in the East and October to March in the South.

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