Gem mine at Ratnapura

From time immemorial, Sri Lanka has had a sparkling reputation for highly treasured gems. Nature in her bounty has chosen the bosom of Sri Lanka to enshrine some of her rarest treasures. Blue Sapphires, Cat’s Eyes, Alexandrites, Rubies, Star Sapphire found embedded in layers of, gravel and sand, in river beds, marshes, fields or accumulated at the foot of hills. This has made Sri Lanka the renowned island for gems. These precious stones perfected in the laboratory of nature, lay hidden for countless ages, their lustre undimmed, their value unrecognized. And led by Dame Fortune, the rare gem emerges genuine and unequalled by any artifice of man. Perhaps nowhere in the world are so many minerals of the gem variety concentrated in so compact area in such abundance as in Sri Lanka.

Variety of Gems


Sri Lanka’s Gem supreme, of corn flower blue, is the favourite of fashionable women all over the world.


The honey yellow and apple green Cat’s Eye of lustrous smoothness is extolled for the protection she yields to the wearer.


If you are a connoisseur of the rarest yields from the mysterious depths of earth you will need to possess an Alexandrite.


The scarlet perfection and its scintillating beauty is a dreams-come-true for any gem lover.


Yellow sapphire is always heat treated to produce, intensify or lighten color and/or improve color uniformity and appearance. Yellow sapphire is occasionally irradiated to provide temporary intense yellow or orange color.


With her azure heart a-gleam with radiant snowy streaks, the star sapphires sparkle brings her owner good luck.


Burnished by nature into a high purplish polish, the Amethyst is a beauty among gems.