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With nature at its heart, A. Baur & Company Travel (Private) Limited is a pioneer in the travel business in Sri Lanka. Naturally, realising the bounty of the country’s natural history, especially the avian fauna, it is the first company in the Island to offer this hot spot of biodiversity and endemism to visitors from all over the world. With years of experience in the travel industry, the company is proud to offer the highest professionalism to our clients. Today, A. Baur & Company Travel (Private) Limited handles the majority of bird-watching tours in the Island. The company is the local ground agent for a large number of bird-watching tour companies of Europe and the USA. Approximately  eight leading bird watching companies of Britain are operating with A. Baur & Company Travel (Private) Limited.

Endemic Extravaganza

10 day tour with a focus on endemics

Our itineraries can be trimmed to see the greatest number of birds. Tours can also be done in reverse direction, and other destinations, such as Anuradhapura, can be included. It is also possible to visit the island outside the winter season, mainly for the endemics and the resident birds.
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What our clients say…

Thank you for your good wishes. It was indeed an enjoyable and successful trip despite the weather, with 43 lifers and 22 endemics being seen. I can’t praise Susantha enough as a guide. I don’t think I would have seen even half the birds I did if it hadn’t been for him. 
Enjoyable and successful tripMay 2016Singapore