Butterfly Watching

Butterfly Watching | 244 species of butterflies belonging to eleven families (Danaidae, Satyridae, Amathusiidae, Nymphalidae, Acraeidea, Libytheidae, Riodinidae, Lycaenidae, Pieridae, Papilionidae and Hesperiidae) have been recorded from Sri Lanka. 20 of these are considered endemic to the island. They are distributed in an array of habitats in the different climatic zone. From the very hot arid zones to the cool areas of the higher hills. They inhabit forests, cultivations, shores of tanks and river banks, gardens and parks, and also roadsides.

What our clients say…

Thank you for your good wishes. It was indeed an enjoyable and successful trip despite the weather, with 43 lifers and 22 endemics being seen. I can’t praise Susantha enough as a guide. I don’t think I would have seen even half the birds I did if it hadn’t been for him. 
Enjoyable and successful tripMay 2016Singapore