A well-known name in bird circles 

Wildlife sure runs in his veins. Born and bred in the Leopard country of Wilpattu (his father was the then warden of the National Park), Sunil has worked for Baurs and its many natural history clients for over 20 years. Continue reading Sunil


Brilliant birder

Hails from the village of Bundala the wader country. Naturally he flocked with the migratory gatherings from a very early age. Later he picked up the nitty gritty of natural history when he joined the park service. Continue reading Susantha

Koushalya Mahagedara

Working as a Naturalist / Birding guide

With an enthusiasm brought from childhood, koushalya has been a birdwatcher & an animal lover since he was 13years old. His shared enthusiasm in many fields has earned him a vast knowledge not only about natural science but also in culture, history and the lifestyle of Sri Lanka. Continue reading Koushalya Mahagedara


A keen birder and expert on Sri Lankan Flora.

Tiran being nature lover from his childhood started his career as a field researcher. Apart from his university degree, he holds two post graduate diplomas in Archaeology and Bio-Diversity Management. Continue reading Tiran


Major streams of studies and researches on wildlife are butterflies and flowering plants.

Himesh graduated from University of Moratuwa as a Civil Engineer and worked for Irrigation Department for five years. His passion for nature and wildlife since his childhood lead him to alter his profession as an Ecologist. Continue reading Himesh


Involved in research and conservation of dragonflies and damselflies of Sri Lanka.

Amila is a nature enthusiast from his early childhood and a birder since he was 13. He has been working with many conservation societies and research teams as a field biologist and a conservationist for almost a decade. Continue reading Amila

Pradeep Suranga

Specialist  in Birds, Fish and Butterflies

Pradeep has fallen in love with nature and wildlife from his school days. After finishing his secondary education he has worked in several research projects in various parts of Sri Lanka and gathered greater knowledge on fauna and flora of Sri Lanka, Continue reading Pradeep Suranga