Major streams of studies and researches on wildlife are butterflies and flowering plants.

Himesh graduated from University of Moratuwa as a Civil Engineer and worked for Irrigation Department for five years. His passion for nature and wildlife since his childhood lead him to alter his profession as an Ecologist.

He has been learning and studying birds, reptiles and fresh water fishes from several environmental organizations in his childhood. Moving furthermore, he has founded two organizations, Nature Team-University of Moratuwa and Butterfly Conservation Society of Sri Lanka. His major streams of studies and researches on wildlife are butterflies and flowering plants. His research papers has been published in international journals and authored the books, “Common Butterflies of Sri Lanka” and “A Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Sri Lanka”. He was a member of Butterfly Expert Group for Bio Diversity Secretariat where he has contributed lot for Red Data Listing – 2012 and for Butterfly Conservation Action Plan. He contributed photographs of many rare plants for “Illustrated Field Guide to the Flowers of Sri Lanka – volume 2” authored by J. & J. de Vlas and now working on volume 3. At the moment, he has photographs of over 2000 species of flowering plants including two species that was listed as “Extinct” in previous “Red Data List”.

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